A Letter from Ministry of Children and Family Development Adoption Team

This was a fantastic experience for our team and were thrilled to have received the following letter from the Ministry of Children and Family Development Adoption Team!

On behalf of the Ministry of Children and Family Development Adoption Team to the South Island Major Midget Team …

“The Ministry of Children and Family Development Adoption Team would like to give a huge thank you to Coach Adam Geric and the South Island Royal Major Midget Team for taking part in our Annual Adoption/Fostering Children’s Party.  This event is very important to us because most of the children in attendance have had a rough start in life and this event culminates their path with the Ministry by getting a “forever home”.  Your team showed great understanding and kindness towards everyone at the party.  Their support  with helping children skate, tying up skates, playing dress up, playing mini-hockey, greeting our guests, playing snakes and ladders, helping with the bouncy castle, bowling and just taking the time to talk to some of the children and their adoptive parents was quite touching.  The presentation of the team jersey was very touching as the 9 year old boy who received it is presently being adopted.  This party would have not been so successful without their hard work and positive energy.”

We would like to add so the parents know that at the end of the party once everything was cleared and put away, the other social workers in attendance spoke to the boys about what people attending  the party had to say about them.  “What a wonderful group of young men who were able to get down to the children’s level, wonderful role models, showed kindness, leadership and how well they coordinated and worked together in such a short period of time to make this party happen and fun for everyone.”

From me, Rebeca, I would like to add that it was a pleasure to watch the boys interact with all the children, thank you for their hard work and thank you to Adam for being there to keep the boys organised. 

Regards, Rebeca